Pardis Ofoq Food Industry Company (privately owned) with the brand name “Javaneh” mushroom in December 2006 started its construction activities in a land with an area of ​​9000 square meters located 60 km from Tehran in Safadasht region and in June 2007 Received. Phase 1 of this farm had 12 mushroom growing halls with a production capacity of 600 tons per year.

Simultaneously with the production and harvesting of mushrooms in the first phase, the technical and engineering unit of the sprout started to build and set up breeding halls in the second phase. The sprout mushroom development plan was put into operation in June 2008 with the increase of the halls of phase 2 of the farm to 26 halls and the annual production capacity of 1800 tons of mushrooms.

Bud Mushroom Farm is proud that by using experienced experts and personnel and new mushroom cultivation technologies using the best raw materials and the best types of Irish and Dutch cover soil, it has succeeded in taking an effective step towards quantitative growth and improvement. and increase the quality of mushroom harvesting at the global level and raise the name of our beloved country as one of the leading mushroom growing countries in the world.

Some of these honors are as follows:

1) Earning the title of producer of mushroom samples in 2008

2) Obtaining the statue of exemplary managers of the country’s food industry in 2008

3) Obtaining the mark of organic mushroom producer in 2012

4) Obtaining the mushroom production incentive standard mark in 2012

5) Obtaining the ISO 22000:2005 certificate in the field of mushroom cultivation in 2012

6) Winning the title of the best food industry companies chosen by consumers in 2012


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