Iran Mushroom Cultivation and Industry Company
A subset of the group of budding companies


Iran Mushroom Factory was established in 1348 (Hijri) on a land of 1.5 hectares in Yousef Abad Qavam, one of the functions of Mallard city in Tehran province, as the most modern and well-equipped industrial mushroom production company in the country at that time.

As mentioned, this company is one of the subgroups of the group of young companies.

پوستر ویدیو فیلم معرفی کارخانه کشت و صنعت قارچ ایران زیر نظر گروه شرکت های جوانه

Descriptions about the factory:


Iran Mushroom Cultivation and Industry Company, which is known in the market for its products “JAVANEH Mushroom” and “IRAN Mushroom”, has 18 halls equipped with advanced technology for the cultivation of edible mushrooms, which has an annual production capacity of 800 tons.

This complex also has a separate and modern cold room with an area of 400 square meters.





Since the “IRAN mushroom” company is one of the old companies in this industry and has a long history, in 2016 (Hijri.) the technical engineering team of “Javaneh Group” started to rebuild and update the equipment, shelving and facilities of this company. And now, this company is continuing to work with modern and advanced equipment, in the style of Dutch companies.





Production stages




Naturally, we use “JAVANEH compost” in our breeding halls. “JAVANEH Compost”, Besides having a unique quality, proper structure and texture, and very desirable chemical properties, sprout compost has high-quality and original spawn and the use of high-quality European culture models for production. first generation seed; It produces wonderful mushrooms in terms of quantity and quality.

So that in the sales market, mushrooms produced with “JAVANEH compost” have a much higher marketability than other mushrooms.


Cover soil:


The covering soil of mushroom cultivation units as a substrate for holding mushrooms, in addition to having the highest EC water holding capacity under 1000, neutral pH must have a plastic texture and structure so that it can have quantitative and qualitative efficiency along with compost and high-quality sprouts. make a suitable one.

In the “IRAN mushroom factory”, we use the cover soil produced by ourselves, which has all the mentioned characteristics.


Germination stage:


High-quality compost and spawn quality insures the spawn run (Germination stage) stage and makes it possible for us to safely pass the two weeks in our production stages and enter the next stage, which is the soiling stage.




In the soiling stage, “IRAN cover soil” which has passed the pasteurization process and also has a high water retention capacity and has favorable chemical and physical properties, is placed at a suitable height on the bed and the rest of the steps of the soil will take place.

After 5 to 6 days, we enter the next stage, which is the rafling stage.




In this stage of production, all the rufling operations are carefully performed by the experienced personnel of the factory so that the threads are uniformly distributed throughout the bed, and three days after the rufling stage, we enter the next stage, which is aeration.




In this phase, the production phase changes from vegetative to reproductive state and it should be noted that all the devices and fans used in this phase are produced in the “JAVANEH machine factory”, which have the best performance in their turn.




In this stage of production, as you can see in the video on the top of the page, due to the age difference between the grown mushrooms, which you can see several different sizes on the bed, it causes the mushrooms to be picked at different intervals and in terms of quantity and quality Ensure proper productivity in the hall.

Depending on the capability and side of compost and span and of course the conditions of the salons, we will always have between 2 and 4 flash harvests, and we usually have 3 flash harvests.


After harvesting:


After harvesting, the mushrooms are cooled in pre-cooling cold rooms, and after seeing the initial shock, they are taken out of the cold room and packed and stored in secondary cold rooms to be presented to the market.

You can see photos of the stages of mushroom production in IRAN’s mushroom cultivation factory in the gallery below.

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