Construction of a greenhouse – a one-hectare greenhouse, designed and implemented by the Technical Engineering Unit (Machining) of Javaneh Group of Companies

Javaneh Engineering Technical Unit, by the grace of God and with the tireless efforts of the colleagues and managers of this complex, has been able to build one of the largest and most basic hydroponic greenhouse structures with the help of science and experience together and with the standards of the Netherlands, a metal structure The area of ​​one hectare (10,000 meters) has been set up to take a bigger step to serve our dear countrymen in the future and in the very near future he will complete the greenhouse and see the result of his continuous efforts.


This hydroponic greenhouse has 26 openings with a width of 8 meters and a length of 50 meters, and the height of each crown reaches 7.3 meters.

Other features of this greenhouse include its 3-layer nylon cover and polycarbonate sheet, floor heating system and rail pipe wall, pad cooling system and fan and circulating fan, as well as its mechanized roof window.


If you intend to build and set up a greenhouse, you can take your steps more firmly with the cooperation and advice of the technical unit of Javaneh Engineering by your side and gain knowledge and experience with us at once.


Specifications of this built unit:


AreaOne Hectare
Crown Height7.3 meters
The number of openings26 numbers
Three-layer nylon coveryes
Underfloor heating systemyes
Mechanized roof windowyes

You can contact our managers for advice and construction of a greenhouse by Javaneh Group:

مهندس مهدی رجبی

MR. Mahdi Rajabi Head of Javaneh Group of Companies

مهندس میرنظیری

MR. Mohammad Mirnaziri Management of Javaneh Machinery

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