Date of factory construction2009
Daily productionMore than 200 tons

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مدیر فروش

Ronak NosratiSales Management of Javaneh Compost

JAVANEH Compost (Ramand-Majar Mushroom Plant and Industry Company)

In 1388, the construction of the most equipped and advanced compost production unit in the Middle East began on a land of 11 hectares. The construction project of this national plan was started with the benefit of the most advanced and modern technology, equipment and machinery in the world in cooperation with Dalsem Company from the Netherlands. By the power of God and with the unquestionable support of the respected officials, the construction stages of the largest and most advanced compost production unit in the Middle East were completed in less than a year with the round-the-clock efforts of the management and the elite personnel of the complex. Ramand Magar with an annual production capacity of 50,000 tons of compost was put into operation and production. With the opening of this huge project, Ramand Magyar Agriculture and Industry Company is proud to register another golden leaf in the economy, production and agriculture scene in the country. Based on the principle of customer orientation and the general strategy of the group in providing the best quality products, compost is produced in this company by relying on the quality management system (ISO 9001:2008) of experienced domestic and foreign experts and with the benefit of the most advanced equipment, machines and The modern technology of the world is produced by using the best raw materials and 100% original seeds, and after quality control and sampling in a well-equipped and specialized compost analysis laboratory, it is presented to mushroom growers. The high volume of demands and the lack of good quality compost in the country led the managers of the complex to decide to expand the factory and build the second phase. The project of the second phase of compost production was put into operation in November 2013.

Currently, this national project with the annual production of more than 100,000 tons of compost with the highest quality and in accordance with international standards has provided the activity and supply of compost for more than 40% of the largest mushroom production units in the country, which is a golden leaf in the record of this project. It is a collection of agricultural and industrial sectors in the country. By creating employment opportunities for 200 people directly and 1000 people indirectly, this production unit has provided opportunities for the youth of the region and has marked another golden leaf in the economy of our dear country.

Factory address: Abik, Zargar Village Road, in front of Sard Khane Kausar, Ramand Mujar Agriculture and Industry Company

Sales unit phone: (021) 65434007-8


A gallery of photos of the preparation stages of Javaneh compost

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  • What is the price of a ton of compost with its casing soil, and is it possible to send it to Syria?

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