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Ramand Majar Mushroom Cultivation and Industry Company

بذر قارچ دکمه ای جوانه

The best mushroom seeds in Iran:


Javaneh seed is not duplicated from the same generation and because it is copied once from each generation and the seed produced is considered the first generation, therefore it has a higher quality than the rest of the seeds. Spawn seed sprout model is exclusively imported from Ital Spawn, Italy, and you will see the best quality because this generation is copied once. In addition, in the advanced laboratories of Ramand Magar Company, all relevant tests have been conducted to test the health and strength of the span model generation, and after the approval of the laboratory, the production process continues. You have the right to buy the best and we have tried our best to provide the best to our dear customers.

To buy seeds, you can contact the management:

ابراهیم رجبی

Mr. Ebrahim RajabiInternal management and production of Ramand Majar Agriculture Company

بدون دیدگاه

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