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What do We Do in the Javaneh Group Company?

Jawaneh Holding includes various departments, including: Jawaneh Mushroom, Jawaneh Compost, Jawaneh Seeds, Jawaneh Trading and Engineering Technology.


The Best Advice on Setting up a Factory

With years of Experience and The Most Experienced Iranian and Foreign Technical Experts,
Javaneh Technical and Engineering Unit is Ready to Provide any Consulting Services in the Field of Equipping and Setting up Compost Production and Mushroom Cultivation Units to the Esteemed Applicants.




Annual Production of Compost100000+tonne
Annual Production of Mushroom1800+tonne
Annual Production of Seed4000000+Litters

With the benefit of knowledge and perseverance in these years, we are proud to be able to bring you quality.


What Services are Provided in Javaneh Machinery?

Bunker Filler
Manufacturing and production of bunker filler machine from zero to 100 produced by the technical and engineering unit of Javaneh Group of Companies.
Mushroom Growing Shelf

Construction and production of mushroom production and cultivation racks by the technical and engineering unit of Javaneh Group of Companies.

Centrifugal Fan Device
For Compost Tunnel
Construction and production of centrifugal fan device for compost tunnel, by Javaneh Group Technical Engineering Factory.
Civil and

Carrying out civil and construction projects; All kinds of structures by the technical engineering unit of the group of Javaneh companies.

Greenhouse Construction

Construction and equipment of the greenhouse by the technical and engineering factory of Javaneh company.

(hot water boiler)

Construction and production of steam boilers (hot water boilers) by the technical engineering unit of Javaneh Group of Companies.


Communication with the managers of the group of Javaneh companies

Our colleagues will contact you as soon as possible
after a complete review of your Messege.

مهندس مهدی رجبی

Mr Mahdi Rajabi Presidency of Javaneh Holding

علی اکبر اسلامی

Mr Aliakbar EslamiCEO of “Ramand Majar”

ابراهیم رجبی

Mr Ebrahim RajabiInternal management and production of “Ramand Majar”