Javaneh Machine Factory (Javaneh Engineering Technical Unit)

JavanehGroup Machine Factory, thanks to the grace of God and the efforts of the engineers of the technical engineering unit of this complex, over the past years, they have been able to achieve a wonderful record for themselves and the Javaneh Group.


In this factory, the performs most of the industrial and engineering works that are mostly related to the construction and equipping of the production units in the production line of the mushroom chain, and they produce the relevant equipment and machines and equip different units.


At the bottom of this text, we briefly explain about the work done in this factory, according to your needs, you can enter the main section related to that section and read the full details.

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Mixing Line Machine

The MixingLine device is a device that is used in compost factories and is responsible for mixing the raw materials of compost.

The function of this device is that the stubble press, after being soaked in the pool, is placed on the main line of the device and on the way of passing through the mixer drums that are built in different sizes and shapes in the device, the combined materials of compost with ratios Various additions to the stubble and…

دستگاه خط ترکیب یا Mixing Line (میکسینگ لاین)

Compost Blocker

Compost blocker machines manufactured by JAVANEH Machinery are manufactured according to the standards of Alpie (Alpi) Italian company and have the ability to produce 900 compost blocks per hour.

It should be noted that in the cooperation of the JAVANEH group of companies with the Alpie company, Alpie has provided all the technical drawings of this device to the Alpie company to…

بلوکر کمپوست Compost Blocker

Construction of GreenHouse

By the grace of God and with the tireless efforts of the colleagues and managers of this collection, we have been able to build one of the largest and most fundamental hydroponic greenhouse structures with the help of science and experience together and with the standards of the Netherlands, a metal structure with an area of one hectare (10,000 m) to take a bigger step to serve our dear compatriots in the future.

GreenHouse Javaneh Group Poster

Mushroom Hall Air Conditioner

Using the air conditioner of the mushroom cultivation hall creates this ability for the user to make the necessary changes in the hall in the shortest possible time and not witness a drop in efficiency. It is worth noting that air conditioner is also known as air washer.

Air conditioners for the mushroom salon, which are designed and produced by the machine factory of Javaneh Group of Companies and by the technical group of Javaneh Engineering, are equipped with air filters for the cultivation of mushrooms for your salons and in such a way that you yourself You will be able to replace the filters in the future.

Mushroom Hall Air Washer

Composting Bunker Filler Machine

This machine has the capacity to fill 200 tons of compost in the bunker in one hour. The movement and adjustment of this device and its opening are done with a full hydraulic system to bring maximum ease and best use. The height of the compost shoot with this machine reaches 7 meters, which compared to the imported examples of this machine, it has a great performance and…

Compost Bunker Filler

Centrifugal Fan For Compost Tunnel

This device is used in compost production complexes and factories and in the mushroom production industry; These giant blowers are produced in the machinery factory of the JAVANEH group of companies and go to compost production centers and complexes so that buyers who are compost producers can use them in the tunnels of their compost production plants.

Blower For Compost Tunnel Video

Centrifugal Fan for Compost Bunker

This fan, with a smaller volume than the special tunnel centrifugal fans, is used in compost production complexes and has an aeration capacity of 3600 CFM, which…

Blower For Compost Bunker Video Poster

Boiler and Hot Water Boiler

Boilers produce steam that helps in cooking, sanitizing, processing and packaging in the food industry.

Processing in this industry is done by direct heating or heating through hot water. Food processing industries generally use coal, natural gas, liquid fuel in boilers.

Javaneh Boiler

Centrifugal Fans

The main purpose of compost production is that it is a suitable substrate for the nutrition and better growth of mushrooms. Now, to produce compost, it must be produced in the first and second phases and even in the later stages, it must be aerated, which will protect the compost from pests and insects. … is freed and the production process is improved and…

centrifugal fan

Mushroom Growing Shelfs

Shelving of the mushroom cultivation hall is one of the most important tasks for starting an activity in this field, and not paying attention to its principles will ultimately lead to the loss of capital. Care should be taken in choosing the type of shelf and observing the distance between the shelves, the width of each floor and the distance from the ground, all should be done in the shelving of the mushroom production hall based on the standards. JAVANEH Machinery Factory is a producer of all kinds of racks for mushroom production halls, which…

Mushroom Growing Shelf

For communication and expert advice or more questions about technical matters, you can directly contact the management of JAVANEH Machine Factory:

مهندس میرنظیری

Mohammad Mirnaziri Technical Engineering Unit Management