In order to Advance and have the Highest Quality in the Mushroom industry and Greenhouse Affairs, JavanehGroup has Cooperated with many Large and Prominent Companies in this industry that are Based in Europe and Directly import those Products and Services to You.

May we be The Best for You in This Matter.

Dalsem Company :


Dalsem is a Big Company Which is Main Dource of this Company Based in Netherlands, It has a Long History in Designing and Producing Mushroom and Composting Halls, Also The Design and Production of Greenhouse Structures has Continued Cooperation with the JavnehGroup, and the JavanehGroup is the Official Representative of this Company in IRAN.

The Design of Compost Production Tunnels of “Ramand Majar Mushroom Cultivation and Industry” Factory, Also the One-Hectare Greenhouse of JavanehGroup, Was Done by Dalsem Company.





Italspawn, a Large Company with a Very Long and Brilliant history (since 1977) in the Mushroom Industry and in Addition to the Production of Mushroom Deeds, has been able to Dhow its Strength and Quality to the Whole World by Now.

Javaneh Compost Proudly Uses the First Generation Seeds Produced by Italspawn Company, and also the Mushrooms Produced in The Iran Mushroom Factory “Javaneh Mushroom” are all Grown from the First Grade Seeds of Italspawn company.


JavanehGroup is also the Original and First-Class Seed Sales Agent of ITALSPAWN in IRAN.


ALPIE Company :


Another Big Company Active in Machine Building Industry and Design and Production of Equipment and Machines used in the chain of mushroom industry is an Italian Company named Alpie, Which has been able to show itself all over the World in its 5 Decades of Activity in this industry.

JavanehGroup Working and Cooperating with this Company, is Proud to produce Machines in this field in JavanehGroup Machine Factory Under the License of this Company.


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